Share Your Passion

I have been an Avon Representative off and on for 14 years. There were times I had to step away. My parents were elderly and needed my care. My father had Alzheimer’s and my mother was crippled with Rheumatoid Arthritis and had Dementia. I was at a high point in my career but I decided to let it go at the time because my parents needed me more. I moved in with them and took care of them until their passing. My father passed Christmas night 2005 and my mother June 3rd 2009. I held their hands until the end. For years I was lost with no direction. In 2014 I moved to a new location. A new beginning. I still felt something was missing. I  started to remember how much I truly love to help others and I joined Avon again. I started to share my passion with others. I reached out to other representatives. They welcomed me into this enormous family. I try everyday to make a difference in someone life and I am able to do that with Avon. That is the beauty of it. I met these 2 wonderful young ladies at a small country store a few months ago. We have an amazing relationship. They became part of the Avon family yesterday. They are so happy to own their own business and are doing great already. I’m so proud of them and all of my team. I will always help them believe in themselves and achieve their goals ❤






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