Learn to Let Go

I meet so many people in my Beauty Business  that has had tragedy happen in their life and has scarred them. Death of loved ones, Abused by a significant other, bullied as a child or as an adult, a spouse that they trusted completely and cheated. People that have ended up in bad situations and are now homeless. What all of these people have in common? They feel bad about themselves. I have been in all of these situations myself and at the time I would wonder why am I going through this. I made bad choices that put me there and then I allowed others to bring me down and feel bad about me. I believe we go through situations to help others later in life that are going through the same thing. How can we relate if we have not experienced it ourselves. For years I walked around bitter and angry from people that had caused me pain. But all I was doing was giving them control over me years after the fact. I chose to let it go and believe in myself and feel love and happiness again. I meet beautiful model material people that feel ugly because they were overweight as a child and children bullied them. I take the time to tell them how beautiful they are and watch as they smile and see a sparkle in their eye. They are learning to let it go. I’ve met people grieving for years for the loss of a loved one and told them, you heal a little each day. It has taken me a long time to let go and believe in myself and know and see my beauty and strength and now I spread that to others and try to make a difference in someone life everyday. I love what I do! I am blessed that I have the Opportunity to help so many. Have you told someone their beautiful today? Have you smiled at someone? Let It Go, Believe in Yourself and Make a Difference in Someone’s Life 😀 Tina Patton❤

6 thoughts on “Learn to Let Go

  1. Tears in my eyes! I’m going thru some things right now, and I know i need to just let go. It’s affecting my health and I guess I’m feeling sorry for myself. Well I’m tired of this feeling, I wanna be me again. I wanna be the girl I once was that smiled and laughed and had so many friends (even if they were fake behind my back). I loved myself but i don’t know how to get back there. How do i just let go? I know i have to, how do i get my joy back? I’m tired of feeling pain. You’re message is inspiring, feel like it was wrote just for me!


    1. Crystal you must first accept your self worth. You are a beautiful person inside and out. A heart of gold. Once you accept these things your strength will grow. You will slowly regain the person you once were before you allowed people to break you. You then will be able to help others that are going through where you have been. That is the true beauty helping others heal. I know you can do it ❤


  2. Thanks so much for this. I love your positive vibes. I was there at one time. I lost my way but with positive,helpful people like yourself I will get there again.

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    1. Yes you will Kimberly. It took me some years to find my way back to myself. I had to remember what makes me truly happy. I had to remember I matter and it’s okay to put myself first. I had to truly love myself and remember my passion is helping others ❤


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