Last night I had a date night with my husband. I won Free Movie tickets from a local job fair over a year ago. I decided we would go see I Can Only Imagine!

My husband nor I knew what the movie was about I have went to a lot of movies based on title or because of a song in them. This is why I chose it, I love the song 😀

As the movie revealed the storyline, I could hear my husband start to cry. And he continued to cry throughout the movie. This movie really hit home for him. He was physically and mentally abused by his father.

When I met my husband 6 years ago he had no relationship with his father but his father seemed to like to conversate with me. I knew I could help make a difference in this situation. My husband forgave his father and he started listening and his dad did too. My husband asked his father to be best man at our wedding because he had missed his high school graduation and so many other important events in his life. He agreed and my husband was so happy. They have bonded through the years and my husband finally feels accepted. Sometimes my father in law still gets loud over some things but I can talk to him calmly and he stops.

Forgiveness sometimes is hard but it’s healthy and it’s important to let go of anger and hurt. You feel so much better being positive versus negative 😀❤ That’s the Beauty of it ❤

It was such a great movie.  I guess I saved those movie tickets so long for a reason. 😀❤




Tina Patton 

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