You Can’t Redo Yesterday


Everytime I have a meeting with my Coach Judy she says words just in her normal conversation that clicks in my head and I always tell her I’m going to make a graphic. I’ve learned to listen in life and my business and that is when you truly gain some of the most precious knowledge that will help you along the way and motivate you.

It’s easy for us to talk about what we love because it is our passion but sometimes we just need to listen. That is how I get to know someone and understand what they really need from me.

We All have choices to make in life about everything. I always tell my children “The choices we have made is why we are where we are today. Good or bad, so Choose wisely”!

So take a minute and stop and think before doing because our choices cannot be undone from yesterday but it determines our future.

That is the Beauty of the people I meet in my life and my business. Sharing with each other we help each in life ❤

Tina Patton

Avon Gold Ambassador

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