Avon History

In 1886, 34 years before women in the U.S. earned the right to vote, our founder, David H. McConnell, helped give them the chance to earn an independent income.

He didn’t set out to create a beauty company. In fact, McConnell was a traveling book salesperson and offered beauty products as an additional perk to his female customers. He saw that these women were more interested in the free perfume samples than the books – and that many of them stayed home while their husbands went off to work. Since women had a passion for his products and loved networking with other women, McConnell was inspired to recruit them as Sales Representatives. From a small New York City office, McConnell himself mixed the company’s first fragrances.

This began Avon’s long history of Empowering Women around the Globe.

95 Years before the first woman was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court

77 Years before the first woman traveled into Space

76 Years before the first woman took the reins of a Fortune 500 Company

34 Years before women in the U.S. had the right to Vote

17 Years before the first woman won the Nobel Prize

Avon offered women the opportunity to be CEOs of their own businesses and control their economic destinies.


How Avon company get its name?
The History of Avon Products. In 1886, David H. McConnell founded the California Perfume Company, which would become Avon, in New York City. … The company changed its name to Avon in 1939 in honor of Shakespeare’s hometown, Stratford-on-Avon.
The 1st Avon RepresentativeMrs. Persis Foster Eames Albee was a 50 year old homemaker from Winchester New Hampshire.
She sold fragrances with such beguiling names as Cotillion and Trailing Arbutus and Heliotrope  and they would extend the perfume line, followed by cosmetics and skincare.
Avon has more than 6 million Independent Sales Representatives that own their own businesses. Avon is not just for women anymore. There are Men and Women now in 2018 that share the love of our wonderful products and helping others start their own businesses. Avon is the company for Everyone. We consider ourselves Beauty Bosses! We are passionate about what we do everyday.