RepFest (Avon Annual Conference)

Avon RepFest is Magical!

What is RepFest? It’s Avon’s annual conference where all representatives can attend for training, view all of our products, see New products coming out, find out about new incentives. Meet new friends that become family for a lifetime. There is a cost to attend and you are responsible for your own accommodations, food and transportation but it is so worth it!

I attended my 1st RepFest in August 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada! My husband and I made the 1700 mile road trip. We seen such beautiful scenery along the way and it was our 1st time in Las Vegas. Vegas was exciting with its bright lights and fast action but not as exciting as RepFest.

I have been an Avon representative for 14 years off and on due to different things in my life I sometimes had to step away. My mother was an Avon representative as well. The highest honor I personally felt I could receive was walking the National Avon Stage.

1 day before leaving on our road trip to Vegas I received an email saying they would like me to walk the national stage. I cried for hours…happy tears…It was a dream come true! I had made bronze ambassador and achieved my bonus of $350. My district manager called me and told me this was my moment to shine. So I had 24 hours to think of something to have my stand out moment. My district manager suggested a sign. So I went and bought a thick poster board and sign lights and glitter and letters and glue and everything I could think of. I went to my Mentor’s house Ms. Jennie Ballard (I call her momma) and the 2 of us together worked for hours and made my sign. She also loaned me her tiara and scepter. I bought a red short formal dress for $15 at a boutique and decided I would be the Mississippi Queen for the day! Pictured below is me and the only other person walking the stage with a sign besides me. It was so funny everywhere I went she was there and she said “I promise I’m not stalking you”. We still laugh about it. She calls me her Mississippi Queen and I call her my Ohio Princes. And there my friendship began with Erin Burdette. She is an awesome person and we always have so much fun together!



You learn so much at Repfest. Free Training. All the new things coming out. You can to see every product Avon sells. You meet new friends that become family for a lifetime. You belong to a family of 6 million people and it just keeps growing!

Molly Stone-Bibb is and always will be my Avon Idol. She owns a group with over 17,000 avon representatives in it that she helps and inspires and encourages and she definitely will tell you how it is and keep it 100. She has motivated me to try so many new things for my business and in life. I consider her a dear friend.

At my 1st Repfest in Vegas I was confused a lot of what room to go to and where to go. It was a bit overwhelming and anyone I asked didn’t seem to know either. It was a lot of walking and I seen so many disabled and elderly representatives lost and upset.

In December 2016 it was announced that Avon’s next Repfest would be in Nashville Tennessee. This time only 4 hours from my house. I decided I wanted to do something to make a difference and help other avon representatives adjust to Repfest so I started a RepFest Group on facebook. I had no idea it would grow as it has and today I have over 4500 representatives in my group that I am honored to help.

My RepFest Group
Always Find the Positive in the Negative and Please Try to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

If you are an Avon Representative and would like to join My RepFest Group Join Here

I drove to Nashville 5 months before Repfest to video and ask questions at the Gaylord Opryland where we would be staying. I did hours upon hours of research and sent emails up to corporate but it was all worth it. I am so happy I was able to help so many wonderful representatives and meet so many new Avon family!

They gave away a brand new mini cooper right on stage at RepFest and 4 more in the next few months. We have an amazing company and I appreciate everything they do for us!

This Year Avon Repfest will be in Columbus Ohio! We are so excited 😀 And we are getting a Free Concert with Rascal Flatts. Yass. How cool is that?

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