Travel with Avon (My Trips)

Starting in 2017 New Avon LLC started incentives where any representative could earn an All Inclusive vacations. This was an amazing opportunity for so many of us. I had never been out of the U.S.A. and the trip was to Nassau Bahamas for 4 days 3 nights. What did I have to do? Increase my sales and Share the Avon Opportunity with others and increase my team. I was so excited because that is exactly what I was already doing. So, to me it was just an added bonus. My Avon Momma, Ms. Jennie and I came up with a plan of what we had to do and we went into action. We had 4 and a half months to achieve the trip. We worked hard and talked to everyone we could think of. We were steadily growing our teams and helping others and we were receiving bonuses. We both achieved the trip and it was an amazing time. We flew to the Bahamas, We ate anything we wanted. Avon treated us like royalty. 800 representatives from across the United States achieved the Bahamas trip. Some I knew and others I met for the 1st time and they have became family for life. That is the beauty of our business.

Me and My Avon Momma have a wonderful relationship. Having a personal relationship with your team is important. You encourage each other along the way and most important we have fun!

I had so much fun while I was there. One person that I wanted to meet I knew was going to be there and what was hilarious she was sitting at the same table as me for dinner. Everything she said made me laugh but what I didn’t realize was it was the same person I wanted to meet until we were ready to part ways and I glanced at her name tag. I didn’t tell her about it for a long time but we still laugh about it today lol Sharon Bagchi is an amazing person. She has been an Avon Representative for 4 years and has a group on facebook to help other representatives and has over 16,000 members in it. I call her my Avon Twin. We seem to achieve everything at the same time. We even park by the cart rack at Walmart and we get our orders together the same way. We have 3 hour conversations and never run out of anything to say. I love her so much.


I met Ariadna Castaneda briefly in Vegas. Like 5 minutes briefly with my B.F.F. Jason Hopkins. I was so happy Ari was in the Bahamas and I got to really know her. She is so sweet and so much fun to hang out with!

I met so many wonderful people on this trip. Representatives and Corporate. Just to name a few of the ones pictured below: Betty Palm, our President of Social Selling. Natasha Lightner and her best friend Ann Fritz who are such an inspiration to so many. Jean Pierre Bongiovi who is super cool and he knows it lol He owns an Avon store in New York and is so gracious to take the time and show all of his products by live feed to all of us before we get them. Autumn Lugo who is so kind and is always sharing any new things happening or explaining what something means. Beautiful Lisa Monoson. She is just precious and has such natural beauty and has a group that helps others as well. Kandice Szeliga, I will never forget the 1st time I even heard of her. She was doing a live video because she was so shocked that she had earned the Bahamas trip for her and her husband that had never had a honeymoon and she had titled up. She was crying so hard I cried too and I’m sure others did as well. I just loved her instantly and reached out to her. We have been friends ever since. She is an amazing person. Dionna Stevens is awesome. A lot of fun to be around and such an inspiration. Timothy Brown is an amazing Avon Representative and just a great individual, always positive. Margarita Lumas I met on the way home on the airplane. We talked all the way from the Bahamas to North Carolina and we are great friends today and so many others. We all had an awesome time and will never forget out Bahamas trip that we earned from Avon in June 2017!

Next We are Cruising to Bermuda in April! See You There!

Cruise Like a Boss
Cruise Like a Boss to Bermuda

I did earn my Cruise for me and my husband to Bermuda with Avon. We will be leaving April 28th!

I love my Company ❤